October 2020

Life in print has changed significantly during this weird and difficult year. In packaging, the pace has picked up and printing companies are investing more to keep up with demand for consumer goods of all kinds. Shorter delivery times, many design changes at short notice and new products for combating the virus, there is a lot of pressure on this sector.

I was already working from home, having only just started up my freelance business last year, so it has not been that much of a change for me. The biggest difference has been not being able to visit label and packaging companies, but instead conducting interviews over Zoom, Teams, GoToMeeting, or any of the many other software options that have come to prominence recently.

Now, I much prefer to meet people face to face and walking round their facility. Nothing beats being able to ask questions in situ, seeing live printing and talking to the staff on the factory floor, but needs must and we are all coping quite well considering.

During the past eight months, I have continued to help my clients with press releases and case studies, and it has been fantastic to witness how they are growing despite the challenging climate. There is so much happening in labels and packaging right now with new technologies and ways of working introduced. And with a bit of patience, let’s hope we will all meet again some day soon.

September 2019

One of my specialities is case studies. I absolutely love visiting a company, meeting the people and finding out what sets them apart. Then it is off home to write their story and show just how they are helping their customers. Although these days, most of the contact is done virtually.

If you are an equipment supplier and you want to promote your technology, then getting your customers to sing your praises is a great way to get the message across. Or, if you are a small printing business and would like to get the word out there, let me write a story about your company that you can use on your website, post on social media and give to potential customers.

I offer all levels of support, from supplying text and photos to a print-ready PDF presenting the story.